Lohrmann & Rim, P.C. uses their collective experience as a common resource in representing client needs. It is the responsibility of the entire firm through each litigator assigned to the case to seek out and use the particular experience of the other attorneys who can best contribute to the quality and efficiency of concluding the dispute. It is our belief that this approach has been essential to maintaining our reputation for delivering a quality service at a reasonable cost.

Equally important is our commitment to render its services with, rather than for, the client. Our clients' resources and personnel, experiences and insights are marshaled towards our effort. We advise our clients on potential courses of action, however, our client decides the goals and objectives for which representation, services and advice are provided absent an overriding ethical or legal issue. Our approach avoids attorney-generated disputes, assures cost-effective staffing, focuses on efficiently accomplishing the client' objectives and delivering a practical work-product. It is extremely beneficial to attorney-client relations.