Lohrmann & Rim, P.C. was founded by R. Dieter J. Lohrmann and Peter W. Rim, who believe that providing quality legal services does not require charging premium fees, and most importantly, that clients should be treated with respect and care. We at Lohrmann & Rim, P.C. understand your concerns with legal costs that may spiral out-of-control during the course of a legal representation. We also provide various options for payment of services most convenient to the client. The bottom line is that our law firm will work with you to bring about the best legal results for you with reasonable legal fees.

As part of our law firm's philosophy and mission statement, the client's interest is always at the forefront of our priority. Our strong commitment to our clients is reflected in some of our internal office policies. When a client contacts our office, a live person will always assist you instead of you getting lost in the labyrinth of telephone menus. We realize how frustrating that can be. Our attorneys and staff make it our priority to return all telephone calls within 24 hours of you leaving the message, excluding weekends and holidays, of course. If it is your first time contacting our office with a legal inquiry, a Lohrmann & Rim, P.C. lawyer will address your questions. We treat each client with the utmost respect and individualized care.

We approach each case with the attitude that is accurately reflected in an ancient Chinese phrase that is prominently hung in our conference room wall, which states, “ If you come prepared, you do not have to worry. ” Our lawyers firmly believe in “preventive law” similar to the maxim that an ounce of prevention, that is a client consulting with our attorneys for advice before entering into a legal transaction or activity with legal consequences, is worth a pound of cure, that is seeking legal advice to deal with adverse legal consequences that have occurred and that may have been preventable.